We are announcing a call for proposals for mini-grants to protect children’s rights for NGOs and initiative groups

1 June 2020

Project team “Different children-equal rights!”, which includes the human rights organization "Man and Law" and the non-governmental organization Pro NGO! e,V., announces the launch of a call for proposals with an opportunity to receive mini-grants.

The call for proposals supports the creation of regional and interregional partner networks of non- governmental organizations and initiative groups whose activities are focused on helping families and children in vulnerable situations, namely:
– large families;
– children from foster families;
– families in difficult economic situations;
– children living with HIV-positive parents;
– families raising children with disabilities and special needs;
– children in conflict with the law.

NGOs and initiative groups from the Volga and North-Western Federal districts can take part in the call for proposals. At the same time, NGOs from other Federal districts may be included in the team, but they cannot be the main applicants.
To participate in the call for proposals, the applicant must join with other relevant NGOs or initiative groups and develop a project that would help improve the situation with the protection of children's rights and representation of their legitimate interests. For example, it could be social adaptation of children with mental disabilities, comprehensive assistance to single mothers raising children with disabilities, protection of the rights of large families, etc. A team with at least three NGOs and/or initiative groups can apply.

The call for proposals is held in two stages. At the first stage, the main applicant from the team needs to send a project concept: a two-page document with the main theses of the project. After your concept is approved by experts, you will be able to proceed to the second stage and write a full application.

For the teams that are selected at the first stage, the experts of the project "Different children-equal rights!” will hold webinars where they will talk about the conditions for submitting applications and further participation in the project. Participation in webinars is mandatory for everyone who plans to submit a full application for this call.

The winners will be selected in two categories: regional and interregional projects. You can apply for two categories at once, but win only in one.

As a result, at least 3 interregional and 5 regional projects will receive financial support. One representative from the winning team will be able to participate in a study trip to Germany to learn about the work of European NGOs that advocate for the rights of children from vulnerable groups.
Project concepts should be emailed to ravprava@gmail.com up to and including 30 June, 2020. All questions about the call for proposals must also be sent to this email address, and the experts will answer you promptly.

More information about the call for proposals can be found in the Guidelines, which you can download here: Положение о конкурсе.
Project "Different children-equal rights!” is co-financed by the European Union and implemented by the human rights organization "Man and the Law", the non-profit organization Pro NGO! e.V. (Germany), as well as experts of NGOs from various regions of Russia.
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