We invite you to take part in the campaign for remote control of places of detention

1 April 2020

We adhere to the Set of principles developed by the European Committee for the prevention of torture (CPT).
This Set of principles states that any restrictive measures taken against prisoners to prevent the spread of COVID-19 must be based on the law and must be necessary, proportionate, based on respect for human dignity and limited in time. Persons in detention should receive comprehensive information about such measures in a language they understand.
Similar norms are contained in the WHO principles and in the recommendations of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for human rights.

We do not plan to suspend our work on public control of places of detention and protection of prisoners' rights, but in the current conditions it is more difficult to help prisoners, so we are trying new formats of work that were not used so often before.

We decided to conduct a remote study on the rights of prisoners during the pandemic. We invite members of the Public Monitoring Commissions and public activists who work with the rights of prisoners to participate in it. We believe that such a study will help in the current conditions to conduct public monitoring of human rights in places of detention.

Participation in the study consists of two stages:
1. You should answer a few questions in detail.
You can download the questions here.

2. We, the team of the human rights organization “Man and Law”, have developed a special request. We offer all members of the PMC to send it to the regional (main) departments of the Federal penitentiary service to obtain objective information about how regime institutions work during the Coronavirus pandemic.
You can download the request here.
If you are ready to join our initiative: if you want to answer questions and send a request to the departments, please let us know at zakon@manandlaw.info.

We will analyze and summarize all the information received from the regions, and then together with you, we will be able to develop proposals to improve the rights of prisoners in the current conditions.

If you have any questions, please contact the monitoring coordinator Olga Vasileva: olya@manandlaw.info.

We also continue to provide online advice to members of Public Monitoring Commissions and social workers who work with places of detention on issues related to the observance of prisoners ' rights. For legal assistance, you can contact our lawyer Vladimir Protasov by email: v@manandlaw.info. For questions about psychological assistance and conflict resolution, you can contact our psychologist Nikolai Gusakov by email: gusnik55@gmail.com.
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