Human rights NGO “Man and Law” works remotely due to COVID-19

23 March 2020

Friends, due to the global Coronavirus pandemic and the spread of infection in the regions of Russia, we are aware of our responsibility to people, and from 23 March to 15 April (the quarantine period may be extended) we temporarily stop working with citizens in our office and switch to remote work mode. We stay in touch and do everything possible to ensure that the remote mode does not affect the quality of our current work. If you need legal assistance, you can contact us online: fill out a form for consultationor write to us by email.
We are also tentatively rescheduling classes at the school of the public control to the end of April. The development of tools for monitoring compliance with the right to address citizens will take place remotely. We are postponing visits to different institutions within the monitoring until at least the end of April.

Next week, together with the School’s participants, we will finish working on the topics of requests and applications, and then we will start sending them via electronic forms. This way we can check how online services work in the conditions of a pandemic. The importance of uninterrupted operation of electronic services is increasing now, when people are not recommended to visit public places, and many organizations are recommended to switch to remote mode.

We are also temporarily suspending visits to children’s clinics as part of the all-Russian monitoring, since the epidemiological situation in Russia and the world is unpredictable. Despite the fact that international standards tell us that public control is important during the destabilization of the situation in the world, in the current conditions, when visiting clinics, public observers can contribute to the spread of infection and unwittingly increase tension among patients and employees of medical institutions who are working at the limit of their capabilities.

Educational seminars in Yaroslavl and Ulyanovsk for those who are engaged in public control of places of detention are postponed too. As soon as the situation becomes clear, we will notify all participants in advance.

Public observers from the Volga Federal district can still apply to participate in the workshop in Ulyanovsk. We will inform you about the date in advance.

Public observers from the Volga Federal district can still apply to participate in the workshop inUlyanovsk. We will inform you about the date in advance.

We believe that reducing physical contact (visiting public spaces, traveling on public transport, interacting with strangers) will help reduce the risk of spreading Coronavirus infection. Try to refrain from staying among large groups of people, monitor your health and keep an optimistic attitude.

We are always in touch, take care!
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