Human rights activists of the organization “Man and Law” plan to open new branches in several major cities of Russia

24 December 2020

On 27 October 2020, the fourth appellate court of General jurisdiction refused satisfaction of the appeal of the Ministry of Justice in Mari El Republic with the requirement to liquidate human rights organization “Man and Law”, confirming the correctness of the earlier made decisions of the Supreme Court of the Mari El Republic.


Thus, the interregional human rights organization “Man and Law” continues its work.

We continue to work! 

“It is important to note that the regional Department of the Ministry of Justice asked to liquidate the organization despite the fact that the Supreme Court of Mari El Republic did not find legal grounds for the liquidation of the organization. 

The human rights organization “Man and Law” will continue to carry out its activities on the territory of the Russian Federation. Moreover, at present, the organization has submitted documents to the regional Departments on the opening of representative offices of the organization in the following regions: St. Petersburg, Primorsky Krai, Rostov region, Ryazan region, and Tomsk region.

This means that more Russians who have suffered from the arbitrariness of the authorities and unfair decisions of the courts will be able to receive free legal assistance and protection,” – explains the co-chairman of the human rights organization Sergei Poduzov.


The human rights organization “Man and Law” acquired the status of “interregional” in 2015. At the moment, the organization has a registered office in Kaliningrad. The work of the Kaliningrad representative office is regulated by the Charter and current legislation. The branch of the organization in the North-Western district has a head; it is endowed with premises and property. Within the framework of the statutory activities of the organization, constant work and planned activities are carried out.

The trial lasted from July 2020

On 27 October, 2020, a meeting of the appeal instance in the case of the liquidation of the Interregional human rights organization “Man and Law” was held in Nizhny Novgorod. The previous court session, on 13 October, was postponed — the court granted the request to postpone the process due to the fact that the chairwoman of the organization Irina Protasova was on sick leave. The interests of the organization were represented in court by the co-chairman of “Man and Law” Sergei Poduzov and the lawyer of the organization Vladimir Protasov with the support of employees of the “Public Verdict” Foundation.


The initiator of the claim for liquidation of interregional non-governmental human rights organization “Man and Law” was the Department of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in Mari El Republic on the results of inspection of activity of the organization. 


However, back in July 2020, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Mari El refused the Mari Ministry of Justice to satisfy the claim, but recognized all violations identified by the Ministry of Justice during the inspection as legitimate. 


In response, human rights defenders filed an appeal, as the court had not checked and had not given a legal assessment of the evidence provided by the organization “Man and Law” and its representatives. 


In turn, the Ministry of Justice of Mari El Republic also filed an appeal demanding the liquidation of the human rights organization “Man and Law”.

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