Everything is going according to plan

11 July 2022

The Popov family applied to our organization. Konstantin, Elena and their three children have been waiting for obtaining a land plot for free since 2016. Six years of waiting have not led to the desired result yet. The answer is still the same: there is no land! A total of 1,359 families from the Republic of Mari El are currently on the waiting list. The Popovs’ application is at number 422.

In accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the family, motherhood and childhood are protected by the State. And large families, among other things, have the right to receive a land plot from the state as social support measures (Article 39.5 of the Land Code of the Russian Federation).

In the Republic of Mari El, the procedure and conditions for the provision of land are defined by the Law of the Republic of Mari El of February 27, 2015 No. 3-Z “On the regulation of land relations in the Republic of Mari El”. A family has the right to receive a land plot if it permanently resides on the territory of the Republic of Mari El, has three or more children and is registered as needing residential premises. The Popov family meets all these requirements, but they have not been able to get a land plot for the sixth year. This prompted them to go to court to protect their rights.

The obligation to provide large families with land plots is assigned to the Ministry of State Property of the Republic of Mari El. It was this department that acted as a defendant in the lawsuit initiated by the Popov family with the support of the lawyer of NGO “Man and Law” Dmitry Yalikov. A statement of claim was sent to the Yoshkar-Ola City Court demanding to provide a large family with a plot of land.

The court ruled in favor of the Popov family. At the same time, a specific deadline for the fulfillment of obligations to provide a land plot was determined: December 31, 2023. This is due to the “Action Plan for the development of land plots in the Medvedevsky municipal district of the Republic of Mari El”. The fact is that the state would be happy to distribute land to needy families with many children, but this is not possible until gas, water supply, access roads for transport are provided there. The deadline for the construction of all these engineering infrastructures, in accordance with the above Plan, is September 23, 2023. Only after that on the territory of the villages of Orekhovka and Zagury it will be possible to distribute land plots among needy families in order of priority.

This is not the first case of NGO “Man and Law” in which the court makes its decision taking into account this date. We described a similar story about a large family from Mari El Republic and its attempts to defend its right to receive a free land plot at the end of last year. The court’s decision on this case also included the above-mentioned “Action Plan for the development of land plots in the Medvedevsky municipal district of the Republic of Mari El”, approved by the Government of Mari El Republic.

– Currently, in the Republic of Mari El, large families can receive a land plot or use an alternative measure of social support – to receive a one-time payment of 250,000 rubles from the republican budget for the purchase of a land plot, – the lawyer Dmitry Yalikov comments. – Large families independently choose which measure of support they will use. Nevertheless, as practice shows, this process is delayed in time.

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