The report of the NGO “Man and the Law” “The right to privacy in detention facilities”

7 October 2021

Everyone has the right to see their relatives; put on a warm sweater if it’s cold, or undress if it’s hot; call a loved one and talk to them in their native language. Few people would like it if outsiders were watching him during a visit to the doctor.  Do you know why prisoners are not allowed to have watches? Why is a boiler more dangerous than a kettle? Are there video cameras in the showers in the colonies?  What does a woman who was separated from her child immediately after giving birth feel, or a person who was deprived of the opportunity to spend his last journey with his mother, father, brother… How is it? How should it be? And what can be done about it? — in the report of NGO “Man and the Law” “The right to privacy in detention facilities”.

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