Councelling office

A team of human rights defenders gives free legal assistance to people, whose rights have been violated by illegal actions or omissions of the authorities.

Why do we help?

No one should be left alone with the system. If one person hits another, the victim can apply to the police, which are obliged to help him/her. But what if a police officer beats up a citizen or unreasonably detains and sends him or her to jail? What if a government representative abuses his or her authority or fails to fulfill his or her positive obligations to the person? What if doctors do not provide timely medical care, and the sentence imposed by the court seems unfair? Authorities will always find arguments to make a person fail to protect himself/herself. It is much more difficult for a person to find arguments in own defense against the whole machine of state power. That′s why human rights defenders exist. These are people who come to the rescue when it seems that everyone has turned away from you.

Who do we help?

We help each individual who has suffered from arbitrariness or inaction on the part of the authorities on the territory of Russia.

How do we help?

When you contact us for help, the lawyers first get to know your problem, examine the documents and determine whether there is a violation of human rights in this case. Then the lawyers begin the process of legal protection at the national level: they prepare appeals and conduct proceedings in the courts of the Russian Federation. If necessary, we help you contact the Prosecutor′s office and other state authorities. If it is impossible to restore the violated right at the national level, then if there are grounds, we prepare an application and send it to the European Court of Human Rights or the UN Human Rights Committee for consideration. If the complaint is considered at the international level and the violations are recognized, then the case comes to its logical conclusion: the state is obliged to restore the violated right.

How can the state restore the violated right?


Recognize the fact of the violated right


Bring to justice persons who are guilty of violating the law


Pay fair compensation to the victim of human rights violations

Appeals to the UN Committees and the ECHR are a time-consuming process: it takes us years to protect the interests of an individual, but we always try to bring it to the end.

How to contact us

If you are in trouble and need the assistance of human rights activists, come to us.
Our lawyers will help you.

Our address is

Yoshkar-Ola, Zarubina Str., 25

From Monday to Friday

The counselling office is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

It is better to make an appointment for a consultation in advance by phone:

8 (8362) 72-06-32

You will be accepted by a lawyer who will work with your documents.

If you are located in another region of Russia or for some other reason cannot come to us, you can contact us online by filling out the form. We have compiled an extended questionnaire so that you can describe your problem in detail. We will carefully review your request. Then our lawyers will contact you by e-mail or phone and request additional information.

Become our volunteer

In 2019, we conducted 284 consultations on a variety of legal issues, settled 20 cases on the protection of children′s rights in pre-trial procedure through negotiations with ministries and departments and appealing their decisions to higher authorities. Over the past 10 years, our lawyers have sent 30 cases to the UN Committee and the ECHR.

We always have a lot of work, but we don′t always have enough hands and heads to do it, so we, the human rights organization “Man and Law”, invite lawyers who want to learn how to think in a human rights way. Every time people come to us with their difficult life situations, each case is unique. A lawyer has to find a solution for each specific problem and study the legislation more deeply. At the same time, human rights work teaches the lawyer to see and understand not only the rule of law with various legislative acts, but the person who needs help. So, we are waiting for concerned civil optimists! It's time to practice.