“Public Monitoring Commissions in persons”

1 August 2022

Friends, we want to introduce you to the project “Public Monitoring Commissions in persons” about public control in places of forced detention.

It is based on seven interviews and many stories: often poignant, sometimes funny. The heroes of the project are activists and human rights defenders from different parts of Russia, whose lives are connected with Public Monitoring Commissions (PMC).

All of them are outstanding professionals, extraordinary personalities with a huge amount of knowledge and experience. Reading their stories, sometimes it seems that we have a team of superheroes in front of us. But they are ordinary people who have taken responsibility for the observance of human rights “behind bars”. What prompted them to do this? How do they conduct their work? What changes have they been able to achieve?

Working in the Public Monitoring Commissions is not an easy job that requires time and internal resources. We hope you will feel respect for the heroes of the project. And, perhaps, you will want to connect your life with public control too. Now is the most appropriate time for this, since the procedure for nominating candidates for new members of Public Monitoring Commissions is currently underway in 43 constituent entities of the Russian Federation.


The project will be updated with new stories. Meet, read and tell your friends!

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