“Civil activity in Russia is not considered prestigious”: Chairman of the Perm Civil Chamber Igor Averkiev held a public lecture in Yoshkar-Ola

18 February 2020

On December 8, a public lecture was held by the chairman of the Perm Civil Chamber, Igor Averkiev, where the speaker and the participants discussed the development of civil society in Russia.

During the discussion, the speaker invited the participants to derive their own definition of civil society by analyzing several of its existing interpretations. According to Igor Averkiev, a person who deals exclusively with private interests is not a full citizen. Such a person cares about his family, work, hobbies, order and comfort in the house – this is completely normal, but such a person does not think about what is happening outside of his personal life. “How to change thinking and stop thinking only in private interests?” – the speaker asked the participants a question.