Human rights activists and the Interior Ministry. Perspectives of collaboration in the period of reforming.

April 22, 2011. Interregional conference “Collaboration of the public and police in the period of police reforming” took place in Syktyvkar city of Komi Republic.

Event managers of this activity were Regional public organization “Human being and Law” Mari El Republic and Komi human rights commission “Memorial” of Syktyvkar.
The conference was made within the frames of the project “Militia of Russia – from force to service”, supported by the European Commission.
The main subject of the conference was issues of collaboration between NGOs and the Interior Ministry. The work was divided into three sections: “Public control over reform period”, “Role of NGOs in the process of police reforming” and “System of public assessment of police activity”.
More than 50 people from 9 regions of Russia took part in this conference. Participants didn’t criticize police as the conference was devoted to the development of concrete practices for citizens, public representatives and police within changes in collaboration with the system.
As a result, it was offered to involve public representatives into the commissions of recertification of police officers.

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