Campaigns as a new level of the concept implementation about collaboration of the Interior Ministry and human rights organizations in regions

February 26-27, 2011. Mari El Republic.

A working meeting of partner organizations was held to discuss results of the interregional project “Militia of Russia – from force to service”, supported by the European Commission.

This project has been implemented on the territory of Mari El Republic, Komi Republic and Perm region since January 1, 2010. Three main initiators and participants of the project are the following human rights organizations: Regional public organization “Human being and Law”, “Centre for civic education and human rights (Perm) and Komi human rights commission “Memorial”.


The most important part of the meeting is experience exchange as each region has its own level of collaboration with the Interior Ministry. It is very useful to analyze and compare results in regions-participants of the project. By the way, it was decided to continue the project activity till the end of April, 2011.

Within the framework of the meeting participants started a new joint project “Assistance to police reorientation from force to the service structure through campaigns and education”. It is a logical continuation of the project “Militia of Russia – from force to service”. Partner of RPO “Human being and Law” in this project is again Komi human rights commission “Memorial”.

Press-secretary of the world-wide organization “Amnesty International” Natalia Sergeeva was a trainer at this meeting. She has a great experience in conducting different campaigns.

In the near future human rights activists are going to hold public campaigns, directed at improvement of the work of the Interior Ministry departments. One of the instruments of this work will be a modern method, which is called “cop watch”.

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