The inhabitant of Mari El Republic was subjected to tortures by police and he had to apply to the European Court of Human Rights

February 4, 2011. Mari El Republic. The European Court of Human Rights has registered an application “Shulgin against Russia” about violent tortures in Krasnogorskiy police department of the Interior Ministry in Mari El Republic.

In November, 2010 Anatoliy Shulgin’s father applied to regional public organization “Human being and Law”. According to the man’s words, on the 15th July, 2008 three police officers of  Krasnogorskiy police department came to his house and said to him that his son was suspected in committing the crime. Then they took his son to the police department.

According to Anatoliy Shulgin’s words, the police officer gave him several blows. Anatoliy can easily identify this officer. The investigator offered him to confess in committing the crime. The other police officer (Anatoliy knows his surname) put the handcuffs on Anatoliy behind his back, ordered him to sit down on the floor, to cross his legs and to spread the knees.

“I screamed because of the pain, — Anatoliy Shulgin tells, — then the police officer tied up my legs with a car canvas string, he tied up the other ending of the string with my neck and began pulling the string. I fell and can’t stand up…”

The man spent 20 minutes in this position, when at last he was set free, police officers again forced him to confess in committing the crime. As Anatoliy didn’t agree to do it, he has been kept in the cell for 10 hours. Next day police officers put him a black parcel on the head and took him to the forest. Then they changed a parcel for gas mask on his head, attached wires to his fingers and switched on flow of electricity. Anatoliy couldn’t stand these tortures any more and agreed that he had committed the crime.

It was impossible for Anatoliy’s family to defend his rights on the national level as it was refused to institute criminal proceedings against police officers.

Now Anatoliy is serving his sentence in the correctional colony and waiting for the decision of the European Court of Human Rights.

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