The State separates small children with their mother!

January 26, 2011. Nina Kovalchuk applied to regional public organization “Human being and Law” for legal assistance. She has a citizenship of Ukraine, but lives on the territory of the Russian Federation (Orshanskiy district of Mari El Republic). She can be deported by the judgment of Orshanka District Court in spite of the fact that she has two small children.

In June 2009 Federal Migration Service of Russia in the Republic of Mari El in Orshanskiy district appealed to the court to impose administrative liability on Nina Kovalchuk.
But it was not taken into consideration that she was pregnant at that moment and she had already a small child. As she was pregnant it was very difficult for her to pass all procedures to get the citizenship, because she needed to go to Ukraine for documents but she could not leave her baby. This is already the second case in Mari El Republic when Federal Migration Service doesn’t consider the case carefully if there are any attenuating circumstances.

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