The Ombudsman for rights of the child was appointed in Mari El Republic

January 14, 2011. The Republic of Mari El. The President of Mari El Republic appointed the Ombudsman for rights of the child. Evgeniy Burdo, a deputy head of the State Legal Directorate of the President of Mari El Republic, PhD, university lecturer, associate professor was appointed for this position since January 1, 2011.

According to the words of human rights defenders, the Ombudsman for rights of the child should be familiar with all international norms and standards, understand the concept of human rights and rights of the child. Moreover, this person should be interested and motivated to protect the rights of the child.

— Despite the fact that the official competition or discussion of candidates for the position with the public in the republic of Mari El was not carried out, we think that Evgeniy Burdo has all these qualities and will adequately represent interests of our children, — says the chairwoman of regional public organization «Human being and Law» Irina Simakova. – The Ombudsman for rights of the child is the first official position, related to protection of human rights, in Mari El Republic. We are very pleased that, finally, this position is no longer vacant. For 11 years the human rights organization «Human being and Law» found a lot of facts of violations of children rights, so we hope that cooperation with the Ombudsman will help to solve these problems.

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