Novaya gazeta. № 07 of 25 January 2010.

The court admitted the refusal of investigation to bring a case on the fact of the citizen of Volzhsk by police officers . Boris Bronshtein. more>>>>


Novaya gazeta. № 108 of 30 September 2009.

Human rights defenders helped to the police officer, suffered in traffic accident. Boris Bronshtein. more>>>>


Rossiyskaya gazeta №4940 (116) of 26 June 2009 year.

In one cartridge clip. Elvira Krupina. more>>>>


Novaya Gazeta № 69 of 1 July. Killing Inspector of police traffic. In Yoshkar -Ola a police major Mikhailov was sentenced, and temporarily gave notoriety to Moscow major Evsukov. Boris Bronshtein. more>>>>