Radio Voice of Freedom. October 5, 2009. Russian human rights defenders: Openness of the police is good not only for society, but also for the police (interview)

Human rights defenders of the regional public organization «Human being and Law» (the city of Yoshkar-Ola, Mari El Republic, Russia), Nikolai Gusakov and Sergei Poduzov held a seminar on human rights standards for the heads of the IVS and defenders of the South of Kyrgyzstan. During the visit along the region, the guests shared with the «Voice of Freedom» their views on the relationship of society and state,  law — enforcement agencies, and also told about Russian experience in improving the situation in this area … more>>>>

Moskovskiy komsomolets Kyrgyzstan. Police grace

Not long ago Jalal-Abad human rights defenders held a new seminar — in general, the case is usual. But listeners of the seminar are unusual – for this time they are police officers. Nearly two dozen employees of short-term detention facilities of the southern regions of the Republic were listening to lectures of Russian specialists within two days. Nicholas Gusakov, a trainer and psychologist of public organization «Human being and Law» from Yoshkar-Ola, and Sergei Poduzov, a co-chairman of the organization, tried to build a dialogue with police officers, but not just to tell them about observation of human rights … more>>>>

Gaz. Yoshkar-Ola. October 2, 2009 year.

On 2 October human rights defenders of Mari El and Kyrgyzstan met in Bishkek.

A chairman of regional public organization “Human being and Law” Sergey Poduzov opened a seminar. Within two days, human rights activists will share experience on monitoring of human rights in closed institutions. A training team works at the seminar, it conducts psychological training with human rights defenders and teaches how to solve conflict situations…. more>>>>

Novaya gazeta. № 108 by 30 September 2009 year. Human rights defenders helped to the police officer, suffered in traffic accident.

Town court of Yoshkar-Ola has obliged one of the departments of the Administration of Internal Affairs of the city to pay 360 000 rubles to the former police officer for physical damage. Sergey Kitaev managed to receive compensation with the help of human rights defending organization “Human being and Law” … more>>>>

Rossiyskaya gazeta №4940 (116) of 26 June 2009 year. In one cartridge clip. Elvira Krupina.

Yesterday the Supreme Court of Mari El announced a sentence on the criminal case of the police mayor, shouting his partner from the service weapon. Vasiliy Mihailov will spend 15 years in the strict-regime correctional colony.

The tragedy occurred at the police post “Rubezh” in the city of Volzhsk almost a year ago. On 5 July a 37-year-old senior inspector of traffic police of the Department of the Internal Affairs of Volzhsk stopped the car at the post and began picking a quarrel with the driver…more>>>>

Novaya Gazeta № 69 of 1 July. Killing Inspector of police traffic. In Yoshkar -Ola a police major Mikhailov was sentenced, and temporarily gave notoriety to Moscow major Evsukov. Boris Bronshtein.

Police major Mikhailov of Mari town Volzhsk organized shooting among innocent people almost a year before a famous police major Evsukov from Moscow did the same. The country could speak about Mikhailov, but not about Evsukov in our police; however the circumstances of the incident turned out to be much more difficult than in Moscow. After seven shots, the Excellent Police Senior Inspector of traffic police Mikhailov took a shot into his own head. He was alive, he was treated, then interrogated as a suspect. He was not arrested until the sentence was pronounced. He signed a recognizance not to leave. During a long process of investigation (and now it is proven that he is a murderer) a police pension was arranged for him. And last Wednesday he was sentenced to 15 years of strict regime correctional colony … more>>>>