Work in the field of protection of rights of the child

• legal advice on cases of violations of the rights of minors. A lawyer works at the public reception of RPO “Human being and Law”. He specializes in the facts of violations of rights of the child by government officials, educators, teachers, and parents.
• a  medical psychologist of the organization is always ready to render psychological aid to the child and help in a difficult situation. The psychologist helps to overcome stress and to prevent psychological trauma.
• legal education of government structures. Joint seminars on cooperation in the field of protection of minors are organized with representatives of various government officials.

Particular attention is paid to prevention, rehabilitation and adaptation of minors in difficult life situations.
• Issue of literature on the rights of minors (see publications).

Work in places of detention

• carrying out rehabilitation activities with the convicted. Civil expeditions, trips with activities, lectures, interviews, competitions for the convicted of penal colonies are held.
• collaboration with Novotroitsk correction institution.  It allows to hold all sorts of activities, to assist in the daily work with minors of the colony, as well as to invite volunteers of the organization to work there.
• legal education of personnel of Federal Service of Penal Executions. The organization “Human being and Law” holds regular seminars on implementation of international standards in the work for staff of the Office of the Federal Service of Penal Executions.

• visits to closed institutions — public control.
• work of the lawyer in places of detention (every month, according to the schedule).

Prevention of violations of human rights in law-enforcement agencies and other bodies of authority

• public investigations of  human rights violations. Lawyers of the organization work with the complaints, concerning tortures, inhuman or degrading treatment. Within the frames of this work a public investigation is held, victim’s interest is represented in the court and bodies of investigation.

• psychological assistance to victims of abuse.
• legal enlightenment  of personnel of state structures in the filed of respect for human rights.
• public control of closed institutions.
• issue of literature on human rights for the personnel of state structures (see publications).

Protection of civil activists