Interregional public organization “Human being and Law” has been working since 1999 year.

In 2006 year a municipal organization of Yoshkar-Ola became regional, and now its activity is being spread all over Mari El Republic and even in the most distant villages.

At the moment human rights defending organization “Human being and Law” won a positive reputation and achieved significant results in the protection of human rights. The professionalism of the organization was appreciated not only on the territory of the Republic of Mari El, but also outside it.

The main vector of the organization “Human being and Law” is aimed at promoting respect for human rights by government authorities: police, prosecutors, health workers, social protection and other public bodies. In case of detecting violations of human rights, experts of the department of public investigations of the organization “Human being and Law” render full qualified legal aid to victims. In the record of the organization there are dozens of won cases and hundreds of thousands rubles, paid as compensations. The professionalism and experience of the staff ensures the success of implemented activities on protection of human rights.

Another key focus of the organization is cooperation with the Office of the Federal Penitentiary Service of the Republic of Mari El, which leads to the openness of detention places. As a result of joint work, the most effective forms and methods of interaction were developed. In this respect, the role of legal education shouldn’t be underestimated. Seminars and training courses for FPS staff of the Republic of Mari El can improve their professional skills and knowledge in the field of human rights and minimum standards for the treatment of prisoners.

Together with the FPS public figures implement various projects, directed at the work with prison staff and the convicted from correction colonies of the republic. The great achievement of the organization is the fact that in the prisons minimum standards are not only learnt, but also introduced by means of the development of special programs of educational work by the staff of educational colonies.

To the moment, dozens of joint projects of different orientation (rehabilitation, educational, psychological and developmental nature) were implemented. Best experience of the organization is now highly appreciated by public organizations in other regions of Russia.

RPO “Human being and Law” pays particular attention to legal education and enlightenment. Information and training companies, conducted by the organization, aimed at education of ordinary citizens, citizens of the republic, students of educational institutions, Interior Ministry officials, staff of the correction colonies and the prisoners themselves. Various seminars on human rights are always held for them. Different information booklets are issued. A professional approach and interesting presentation of legal material led to the fact that seminars earned positive reviews, and now employees of the organization are invited as trainers in various regions of Russia.

Human rights defenders are guided by the rule that people should know the law and respect it, know their rights and not allow the State or anyone else to violate them.

The organization has a public reception, where residents of the city can apply for free legal advice and assistance, and there are special expeditions to regions of the Republic for regional residents.

Contact information:

Interregional public organization “Human being and Law”

Address 424000, Russia, Yoshkar-Ola,
Zarubina Street, house 25, office 22.
Phone / Fax 8 (8362)72-06-32
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