Police Stations Visitors Week starts in Mari El Republic

October 18-24, 2010. Police Stations Visitors Week (Police Week) is a unique global event organized by Altus to assess the quality of services delivered in the participating police departments, to identify some of the best practices in use by police, to strengthen the accountability of police to the local citizens whom they serve and to promote human rights standards.
The visitors use a special kit developed by Altus to guide their visit, following protocols that are the same around the world. Immediately after each visit, the visitors answer 20 questions about what they observed. Altus collects the scores over a secure web site and verifies them. The scores are based on visitors’ individual perceptions about the police stations. Expectations for police service vary across countries and within localities. As a result, the scores measure the extent to which visitors perceive the police in particular stations to be meeting or even exceeding local expectations in globally comparable areas of service.

We remind you that last year 5029 people from 20 countries took part in this event. Many people visited police stations for the first time in their lives, so now they have an opportunity to give their opinion about police services.

RPO “Human being and Law” with support of the Interior Ministry is responsible for this activity in Mari El Republic. In accordance with results, best police stations will get international awards, and their experience will be used on the international level.

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