Meeting of the Public Council under the Interior Ministry of Mari El Republic. Results.

7 October, 2010. Mari El Republic, Yoshkar-Ola. The meeting of the Public Council of the Interior Ministry of Mari El Republic was held at the hall for briefings and press-conferences of the Interior Ministry.

The main subject of the discussion was a large-scale interregional project “Militia of Russia – from force to service”, which is implemented since the first of January, 2010 by Regional public organization “Human being and Law” and the Interior Ministry of Mari El Republic  with the support of the European Commission.

Within the frames of this project there was a survey of public opinions on the level of trust towards militia personnel on the territory of three regions of the Russian Federation: Mari El Republic, Perm region, Komi Republic. More than 2700 people from these three regions are questioned now.

A cochairman of RPO “Human being and Law” represented interim results of the survey in Mari El Republic. Such surveys are being held by the organization since 2007 year, and then results are submitted to the departments of the Interior Ministry. For example, results of 2007 year and results of 2010 year are quite different. On the one hand, the results of 2010 year show that the level of collaboration between society and militia of Mari El Republic increased. On the other hand, in comparison with 2007 year, it can be seen that the level of activity of some militia departments (for example, district militia officers) decreased.

The second question of the meeting was a question of police recruiting and system of police education in educational centers of Poland. The discussion was based on the experience, which was received during the study tour to Poland at the beginning of September on the initiative of RPO “Human being and Law”.

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