Human rights defenders and representatives of the Interior Ministry from three regions are going to Poland and Holland in order to exchange experiences

6-17 September, 2010. On the initiative of Regional public organization “Human being and Law” it will be held a visit to Poland and Holland in order to exchange experiences.

The activity is implemented within the frames of the project “Militia of Russia – from force to service”, which covers three regions (Mari El Republic, Perm region, Komi Republic). The project is supported by the European Commission.

Staff members of human rights organizations (“Public Verdict Foundation”, “Perm public organization Centre for civic education and human rights”, Komi human rights commission “Memorial”) and the heads of the Interior Ministries of regions will take part in this visit.

The main purpose of this trip is to learn the experience of evaluation of the police work, police recruitment, informing the population about the police role in Poland and Holland.

Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (Warsaw) assisted to organize this visit. Within the frames of this trip it is supposed to visit the Main Police Directorate (Warsaw), Training Police Centre (Legionovo), Police Commissariat (Warsaw), Police Department (Leiden).

— We have chosen Poland as a place to visit, because Poland was a part of communist block, but during several years Poland managed to achieve basic changes in the work of police and police reforms, — says a co-chairman of RPO “Human being and Law” Sergey Poduzov. The trip to Poland will show further perspectives. After the trip the personnel of the Interior Ministry and human rights activists will speak the same language, collaboration between them will be established, they will have the same plans in the filed of reforms in the Interior Ministry.

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