The day of legal knowledge for pupils of Mari El Republic

1 September, 2010. A co-chairman of Regional public organization “Human being and Law” Sergey Poduzov discussed issues of legal education with pupils of the eighth form of the Gymnasium №4 named after A.S.Pushkin.

Teachers of educational institutions became initiators of the meeting and invited human rights defenders to take part in a special lesson.

Human rights defenders told pupils about work of the organization in the field of protection of human rights, offered services of a child psychologist, who can solve conflict problems in families or in class if they occur. Staff members of RPO “Human being and Law” told about main statements of the Convention on rights of the child in a simple and interesting way.  The discussion was very vivid and pupils shared their opinions with pleasure. At the end human rights defenders gave informational booklets to children.

We remind you that on the initiative of the Ombudsman for rights of the child under the President RF Pavel Astakhov the first of September, 2010 is declared as “Day of legal knowledge”.

Protection of rights of the child is one of priority fields of activities of Regional public organization “Human being and Law”. Human rights defenders render legal and psychological aid to children in case of violations of their rights. Enlightening activities on issues of collaboration in the field of protection of rights of the child are held on a regular basis for representatives of state structures by the organization. Publications on rights of the child are issued. A particular attention is paid to prevention, rehabilitation and adaptation of minors, who are in a difficult life situation.

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