Treasury of Russia will pay for inactivity of the Central police department of Yoshkar-Ola

26 May, 2010. Mari El Republic. The Town court of Yoshkar-Ola partially satisfied claims of Taisiya Sazanova and obliged the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation to pay a compensation for moral damage as a result of illegal inactivity of the Central police department of Yoshkar-Ola.

On 24 August, 2007 Taisiya Sazanova applied to the public prosecutor’s office: a woman has become a member of the credit cooperative, and each month she paid money for the house. Once a chairman of the cooperative disappeared with money.

Taisiya Sazanova’s application was submitted to the Department of Internal Affairs of Yoshkar-Ola for the check.

On 9 September, 2007 a police officer of the Central Police Department of Yoshkar-Ola refused to initiate criminal proceedings. The public prosecutor’s office didn’t agree with this decision and submitted the case for an additional check. Since this moment Taisiya Sazanova hasn’t got any information on her case.

In accordance with the law a copy of the judgment on the refusal to initiate criminal proceedings should be submitted to the applicant within 24 hours from the moment of its issue. In our case, Taisiya Sazanova didn’t know anything about results of the check for two years from 14 December, 2007 till November 2009.

This fact caused her moral harm, that’s why she applied for a compensation for moral damage.

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