Human rights for the staff of correction institutions of Chuvashia Republic

18 – 19 May, 2010. Regional public organization “Human being and Law” is holding enlightening work for two days on the territory of Chuvashia Republic.

On 18 May human rights defenders of Mari El Republic visited FBU IK-9 of Federal Service of Penal Executions of Russia in Chuvashia Republic. Members of RPO “Human being and Law” held a seminar “Work with people from places of detention without violations of human rights”. On 19 May a training team held a seminar on the same program in FBU IK-6.

30 staff members of different departments of correction institutions took part in the activity, held in FBU IK-9 of Federal Service of Penal Executions.

The work was conducted in accordance with a traditional scheme, which human rights defenders use for several years: a trainer-psychologist Nikolay Gusakov has lessons with staff of correction institutions, and at the same time a lawyer of RPO “Human being and Law” Julia Lebedeva renderes legal assistance to convicts. More than 15 people have got legal assistance.

Nikolay Gusakov told about the concept of human rights, violations of human rights, and reasons of conflict situations in relations: a convict – a staff member, a convict — a convict.

After the conduct of this activity, there were a lot of positive reviews.

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