20 May, 2010 year at 7 p:m a round table on the Concept of reforming the Ministry of Internal Affairs  will  be held online on TV in Rostov.

Following people will take part in the round table:

A chairwoman-coordinator of Regional public organization Union “Women of Don” Valentina Cherevatenko;

A co-chairman of Regional public organization “Human being and Law” Sergey Poduzov;

A sociologist of “Public Verdict” Foundation Asmik Novikova.

The Concept was developed in March of 2010 year. The concept was prepared by the working group of human rights NGOs on the strategy of collaboration with bodies of internal affairs and promotion of reforming the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

At the present moment the discussion on the concept is being held in 13 Russian regions. Results and recommendations on reforming will be represented to the President RF and heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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