Society and law-enforcement system: a dialogue within a reform context

On 13 May a discussion “Society and law-enforcement system: dialogue within a reform context” was held by “Public Verdict” Foundation.

Following questions were raised: who was responsible for reform spreading in regions, role of mass-media in the process of reforming, possibilities of society participation in the process of reforming, what should be done for society participation in the process of reforming.

After introductory representation by the director of “Public Verdict” Foundation Natalia Taubina, experts, journalists and human rights defenders expressed their onion on the reform.

Opinions of the participants were different. It is difficult to say that the agreement on reforming was made. But on the other hand it is obvious that there is demand for police reforming in Russian society. Personnel of law-enforcement agencies notice that this reform is necessary for them. It can be observed by experience of the joint seminars of human rights defenders, staff of prosecutor’s office and policemen.

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