Republican seminar on questions of prevention of cruelty to children was held in Mari El Republic

April 13, 2010. Republic of Mari El, Public-political center. Regional public organization «Human being and Law» took part in the work of the republican seminar «Prevention of cruelty to children”.

The seminar was attended by heads of departments on minors’ cases, representatives of the republican prosecutor’s office, methodists on educational work; directors of clinics for children; directors of specialized rehabilitation institutions for children; deputy directors of educational work in institutions of vocational education. According to the first Deputy Minister of Education of the Republic of Mari El Nadezhda Efremova, prevention of cruelty to children is an acute social problem. For this purpose, more than 100 people attended the seminar.

Besides, 2010 year is declared as a year of a nationwide campaign against child abuse in Russia by the President RF Dmitriy Medvedev.

There were made several reports on the work of bodies of internal affairs on the prevention of cruelty to children, the prosecutor’s supervision for the implementation of federal legislation on the subject, the prevention of child abandonment.

The chairman of RPO “Human being and Law» Sergey Poduzov urged the audience to monitor the situations, concerning cruelty to children, and to try to prevent such cases.

In this regard, a big step forward is a creation of a special room in Zarechniy police department. According to human rights defenders, the existence of such facilities will be necessary, even if one child visits this room within a year.

We can  agree with the executive secretary of the Commission on minors and protection of their rights under the Government of the Republic of Mari El Tatiana Shutova: «The safety of our children today is the security of our nation tomorrow.»

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