Administration of the institution of IK-5 of Federal Service of Penal Executions of Mari El Republic promptly responded to the notes of members of Public Monitoring Commission

April 2, 2010, the Republic of Mari El. Employees of the Regional public organization «Human being and Law» in the Public Monitoring Commission visited the FBU IK-5 UFSIN RF in the Republic of Mari El, and made sure that the violations identified earlier were eliminated.

We remind you that Yoshkar-Ola prosecutor’s office on observation of law in correctional institutions of Mari El Republic has made representation to the chief of FBU IK-5 under UFSIN of Russia in the Republic of Mari El with a demand to eliminate violations, identified in the framework of the Public Monitoring Commission.

The reason of the check was the application of the Chairman of the Committee “Civil assistance” in Federal Service of Penal Executions in Russia. The application contained information that one of the convicts is detained in bad conditions in IK-5 of Mari El Republic.

All violations in IK-5 were eliminated and at the current moment all conditions meet necessary standards.

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