Protection of rights of prisoners – a catalyser for security in society

On 25 February, 2010 a seminar «Work with people from places of detention without violations of human rights» was held in the correction colony for women in Kozlovka (Republic of Chuvashia). The seminar was organized by human rights defenders of Regional Public Organization «Human being and Law».

The meeting was held within the framework of the project «Protection of rights of prisoners — a catalyser for security in society», which covers two neighboring republics. The project is supported by the Administration of Federal Service of Penal Executions in the Republic of Mari El and Chuvashia.

The seminar was devoted to more extensive and theoretical concepts: the role of prison officers in the society and state, the rule of law, human rights, and the principles of predictability of authority. Participants of the seminar discussed the obligations of Russia, the European Penitentiary Rules and reform in the system of Federal Service of Penal Executions.

A cochairman of RPO “Human being and Law” Sergey Poduzov and a psychologist Nikolay Gusakov were members of the training team. They noted that the audience had a deep understanding of the concept of human rights.

A specialist of RPO “Human being and Law” also provides legal assistance to the convicted. Women from various regions of Russia serve their sentences in the correction colony in Kozlovka.

RPO “Human being and Law» has been collaborating with correction colony in Kozlovka since 2006 year. In the nearest future, in March of this year, several other events are planned to be held on the territory of correction institutions of the Republic of Chuvashia. These events will be directed at significant improvement of the situation on human rights in places of detention.

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